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Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation

The Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1968. Its purpose is to honor the late Congressman by encouraging the fine traditions of public service and education to which he was dedicated. That goal is being accomplished by providing meaningful educational opportunities to students and to the general public at Colorado Mesa University.

The Foundation's programs rely upon the funding and are expanded or decreased based on funding available.

Upcoming Event

Peter J. Blodgett, Aspinall Lecturer

April 14, 2016 | 7pm | University Center South Ballroom

“Defining America’s Playgrounds:  Railroads and the Promotion of Tourism in the Rocky Mountain West, 1915-1945”

As America’s railroads spread ever more widely across the trans-Mississippi West at the end of the nineteenth century, various lines devoted time, energy and political capital to promoting the creation of national parks as a means of attracting visitors to the region who would travel by train. The Great Northern Railroad, for example, aggressively promoted the legislation to create Glacier National Park and the Southern Pacific Railroad took a special interest in Yosemite. Similarly, as ranch owners in different parts of the West began to turn their properties into “dude ranches” to attract paying guests, railroads such as the Burlington Route, the Northern Pacific and the Union Pacific collaborated closely with them, promoting them in railroad-sponsored brochures and pamphlets and supporting the creation of industry-wide organizations such as the Dude Ranchers’ Association. Moreover, although railroads encouraged potential tourists to visit the West by train, by the early twentieth century, they often relied upon the automobile once the tourists reached their destinations. The Santa Fe Railroad sponsored motor tours in Arizona and New Mexico under the title of “Indian Detour” and most western railroads such as the Union Pacific or the Burlington Route arranged for motor car or motor bus excursions to scenic or historic wonders where their tracks did not run (such as within most national park boundaries). This richly illustrated slide lecture will highlight the efforts of America’s great railroad enterprises to promote leisure travel and will demonstrate how those efforts evolved over time.

Supporting the Foundation

Aspinall Foundation is a non-profit corporation to honor Wayne N. Aspinall by the presentation of educational programs and charitable services.

The Aspinall Foundation has been funded entirely by voluntary contributions, primarily from Grand Junction area citizens. The members of the Board of Directors and Officers serve without compensation. As contributions are received, the educational programs can be increased to benefit the students Colorado Mesa University and the public.

All donations are tax deductible. They should be sent to:

William Graham, Treasurer
Aspinall Foundation
P O Box 4737
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Directors and Officers

  • Miffie Blozvich
  • Beth Buys
  • William Cleary
  • Sheryl Fitzgerald
  • Rebecca Frank
  • William Graham
  • Don MacKendrick
  • Kathleen McGinley
  • Keith Mottram
  • Carol Murphy
  • Josh Penry
  • Kathleen Selover
  • Steven Schulte
  • Robert Traylor
  • Tilman Bishop