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What do Compass Program students discuss with Student Success Coaches/Advisors and Peer Coaches?  Coaches/Advisors have information to share with students in every meeting but are also available to address any questions or concerns students might have. Meetings are tailored to individual student needs. Students typically meet with their Peer Coach every other week throughout their first year and at least twice a semester with their Student Success Coach/Advisor. Below are some potential topics that students might review with their Coaches/Advisors. 

Peer Coaches:


Organization/time management

Campus involvement

Study skills


Preparing for finals week

Start a resume

Learn about study abroad options

Major/career exploration

Communicating with faculty

Student Success Coaches/Advisors:

Financial planning

Organization/time management

Study skills

Academic progress

Action plans for improvement

Schedule planning

Major/career exploration

Career Assessments

Making a graduation plan