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What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

The lion's share of my work is identity and brand building for dozens of Denver Companies. My own work is illustration, lettering and environment focused ranging from packaging and logos to murals and architectural collaborations.

How did your experience at CMU prepare you for your career?

My time at CMU was absolutely invaluable for my career. The program Suzie Garner and Eli Hall created and are continuing to grow was almost perfectly tailored to prepare me for the position I now hold. From hands-on creative projects to a rigorous and realistic project schedule, it all helped prepare me to confidently tackle any challenge that I'm presented with. Professor Hall's attitude and passion is a huge influence on the designer that I am today.

What was your transition like from being a student to your current career position?

Right after graduation, I had an internship lined up in Denver using connections that the MED student group had created for me. From there, I moved to a junior position and worked my way to the lead position I now hold. It may have been jarring moving cities and starting from the ground floor so-to-speak, but my education definitely provided me with the confidence I needed to grow and be competitive in a much larger job (and more aggressive) market.

What do you think set you apart from the other applicants for your current position?

My education experience was centered on conceptual design with countless other mediums such as graffiti, letter-press, sign painting and physical fabrication as a background. In a time where other schools only teach students to sit in front of a computer and push pixels around; I was uniquely qualified to ideate and follow through on almost any creative brief a client may provide.

What advice would you give to incoming college students?

Put your heart and soul into what you're doing now. If you can't do that for the time it takes you to earn a degree, then you entering your chosen field is going to prove incredibly difficult and possibly disappointing.

Published 7/11/2018