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This page is designed to provide information to Colorado Mesa University Retirees. Classified employees will meet a definition of a retiree based on their retirement eligibility as defined by Colorado PERA. Faculty and Administrative Staff will be considered a Colorado Mesa University Retiree as defined in the Professional Personnel Employment Handbook.

Retiree Health Insurance Coverage:

A Faculty or Administrative Colorado Mesa University Retiree may elect health insurance coverage through Colorado Mesa University, provided by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. A retiree must be enrolled in the Colorado Mesa University Health Insurance Plan as of their retirement date to be eligible and must elect continued coverage.

2021 plan options include:

Health Insurance Plan:


Monthly Premium:

Good Health PPO 350

Employee Only



Employee & Family


Good Health HMO 1250

Employee Only



Employee & Family



Employee Only



Employee & Family


Good Health HMO 5000

Employee Only



Employee & Family


Classified employees as well as Administrative Staff or Faculty who are PERA Members, may be eligible to enroll into PERAcare when they retire. Please refer to the following links for additional information.

PERAcare Health Benefits Program - Medicare Coverage

PERAcare Medicare Enrollment/Change Form

PERAcare Health Benefits Program - Pre Medicare Coverage

PERAcare Pre Medicare Enrollment/Change Form

Life Insurance Coverage:

Colorado Mesa University Retires may be eligible to enroll in retiree life insurance coverage. Contact the Human Resources office for details.