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MA, University of Central Missouri
BS, University of Central Missouri 


Nicole S. Grider graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Media, with an emphasis in creative writing and production, and a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a cognate focus of interpersonal communication, from University of Central Missouri. 

In addition to being an Honor Thespian, member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the 2015 Regional Access to Graduate Education Grant Award winner, Grider steps in-front of the classroom with a wealth of professional media communication experience from radio, film, television, theatre and voice-over work.

Grider’s research interests are steeped in observing the holistic connections of human communication, as well as social justice, the persuasive nature of media and observer responses to large-scale displays of fourth-wave feminism.

Previously, Grider served as the faculty advisor for Feminists in Action for Gender Equality, and as a conversation partner for an Intensive English Program. Currently, Grider serves as a co-advisor for The Talk and advisor to current, previous and future students of communication.

Grider’s teaching philosophy is ground in the understanding that, regardless of one’s career path, the ability to effectively communicate with others is the most powerful tool a human may develop. Therefore, she teaches to engage and bolster critical thinking skills, to facilitate authentic communication and to use education to help broaden world views.