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Daeun Grace Lee, PhD, teaches a variety of courses at CMU, including Interpersonal Communication, Speechmaking, and Essential Speech.

Having lived in over 5 different continents and 10 different countries, Lee identifies as a third culture kid and an ex-sojourner. Her passion for and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are informed by decades immersed in a variety of new and different cultures. Based on her rich lived experience, she is able to see the world and understand others through a variety of lenses. In the classroom, she understands that every student learns differently, and as such, incorporates a wide range of teaching methods to cater to diverse needs. Whether through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, or multimedia presentations, Lee demonstrates what it means to carry the appreciative and curious posture of a life-long learner. She also plans to add to the variety of communication courses offered at CMU, such as Communication and Technology, Communication in Close Relationships, and Special Topics in Communication.

Lee's scholarly interests are rooted in the study of communication competence, particularly in the realm of interpersonal relationships, health & well-being, and gratitude. She has published numerous articles and contributed to academic research through her passion for these areas of study. This expertise informs her teaching, making her courses not only insightful but also practical.

Outside the classroom, Lee enjoys hobbies that foster communication, such as participating in a community choir, co-advising CMU's communication studies club The TALK, and having "catch-up" sessions with her friends from all over the world.

Her specialized knowledge in communication competence is a valuable asset to the courses she teaches. She applies her theoretical grasp of communication processes not only to her research but also to her personal interactions. In essence, her research doesn't solely revolve around competent communication; she actively endeavors to embody and put into practice what she studies. She is a validating, caring, and enthusiastic educator who continues to strive to improve her teaching.

Her research primarily delves into the realms of interpersonal communication with a particular emphasis on its effects on well-being. Her doctoral dissertation centers on investigating the most efficient methods for expressing gratitude to others. Her research adopts a message-centric approach, aiming to pinpoint the precise communication skills that enhance the adept conveyance of gratitude.

Daeun Lee's Curriculum Vitae