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Michalene Grebski, PhD, teaches General Psychology and Human Growth and Development courses. Grebski has a multicultural educational background and believes in a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to education. In her classes, she strives to promote a democratized, risk-taking culture as well as lateral thinking. Her goal is always to unleash innovativeness and creativity in every student by demonstrating that there is always more than one solution to every problem and more than one answer to every question. Grebski's teaching philosophy centers on creating a partnership which will allow students to grow academically and professionally, creating an atmosphere that encourages students to challenge the teacher instead of obeying the teacher. She believes that 21st century education needs to focus on teaching concepts instead of facts; it should focus on the development and nurturing of the most important human attributes like innovativeness, creativity and modern leadership skills.

A firm believer in teamwork, Grebski has always been comfortable being a team player. Her leadership philosophy is to remove the roadblocks for the people with whom she works as well as students, so that everyone can be successful. She would like students to feel that she is accessible to help them to meet their needs not only in the classroom, but also in professional settings.

Grebski's current research interest focuses on creativity and innovativeness from the psychological perspective.