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Originally from Los Angeles, California, Megan Henley specializes in medical sociology. As a teacher, Henley bases her classes on a foundation of mutual respect. Respect in the classroom allows her to facilitate discussions of relevant, and at times controversial, social issues. Henley engages students through presenting real-world examples of sociological phenomena, and guiding students to develop a sociological lens for looking at everyday life. She believes that sociology is inherently relevant to many issues in society today, particularly health and health care.

In her research, Henley focuses on inequalities in maternal health care. She has published individual and collaborative articles related to maternity support and gender inequality. Of note is her 2015 publication on women in science, which has been widely read and cited. In addition to her teaching and scholarly passions, Henley enjoys classical music and performing arts. She also practices yoga and Pilates, and appreciates nature walks. Most of all, Henley enjoys sharing her passions, both sociological and other, with family and friends.

Selected Publications

Roth, Louise Marie, Megan M. Henley, Marla Seacrist, and Christine H. Morton. North American Nurses’ and Doulas’ Views of Each Other. Forthcoming in JOGNN.

Henley, Megan M. 2015. Alternative and Authoritative Knowledge: The Role of Certification for Defining Expertise Among Doulas. Social Currents 2(3): 260-279.

Henley, Megan M. 2015. Women’s Success in Academic Science: Challenges to Breaking through the Ivory Ceiling. Sociology Compass 9(8): 668-680.

Morton, Christine and Megan M. Henley. 2015. Chapter Four: United States in Maternity Services and Policy in an International Context: Risk, Citizenship and Welfare Regimes, edited by Patricia Kennedy and Naonori Kodate. Routledge Advances in Health and Social Policy; Taylor and Francis Group.

Roth, Louise Marie, Nicole Heidbreder, Megan M. Henley, Marla Marek,
Miriam Sessions, Jennifer Torres, and Christine H. Morton. 2014. Maternity Support Survey: A Report on the Cross-National Survey of Doulas, Childbirth Educators, and Labor and Delivery Nurses in the United States and Canada.

Roth, Louise Marie and Megan M. Henley. 2012. Unequal Motherhood: Racial-Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities in Cesarean Sections in the United States. Social Problems 59(2): 207-227.