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Jeremy Tost, PhD, received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He went on to earn his Master of Science and PhD in Psychology from New Mexico State University. Shortly after earning his undergraduate degree, Tost served as an English teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps. He spent two years teaching elementary and middle school students in a rural village in the Republic of Moldova. Later, work took him to South Korea and Ghana where he taught English and math. Tost now continues his career as an associate professor at Colorado Mesa University. He teaches general psychology, memory & cognition, biopsychology and research methods.

Tost’s approach to teaching rests on the idea that all knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge. By knowing who we are, we can more fully relate to the world around us and offer efforts in service to causes greater than ourselves. Such an approach encourages students to continue their learning outside of the classroom by observing the world around them in an effort to see abstract concepts playing out in concrete manners.

Tost’s research interest are varied, generally fitting into a social/cognitive psychological framework. While in graduate school his emphasis was on self-control and religious experiences though more recently he has engaged in applied community work.