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MS, Clarkson University

BS, Clarkson University


Suzanne Kenney is an instructor of chemistry at Colorado Mesa University. She teaches General Chemistry, Principles of Chemistry, Chemistry and Society and Introduction to Environmental Chemistry. She likes to incorporate active learning group work into her lectures, giving students a chance to work together and explain concepts to each other. She enjoys hearing the excitement in their voices when they "get it," she said. Group activities provide an opportunity for her students to improve their communication and team skills, both of which are vital for all future careers.

Many of her students come from backgrounds with limited problem solving experience. Another goal of her introductory chemistry classes is to teach students how to solve word problems using dimensional analysis. By the end of the semester, they should feel more confident solving a multi-step problem. She tries to incorporate real life examples as often as possible and also enjoys doing demonstrations in her classes.


Outside of the classroom, Kenney's hobbies include hiking, biking, camping and dancing.