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Marlon Jean, PhD, currently teaches GEOL111 and GEOL111L. He will be teaching Mineralogy & Igneous Petrology in the coming semesters. His research utilizes the major element, trace element, and isotopic composition of ultramafic to mafic, volcanic and plutonic rocks, with a main focus on the life cycle of oceanic and continental lithosphere in the US Cordillera. Jean is currently investigating (1) primitive, modally layered gabbroic rocks from the lower plutonic crust formed at a fast-spreading ridge, sampled by IODP at the Hess Deep rift; (2) Martian and Lunar meteorites; (3) Gold deposits from Nevada; and (4) drillcore from Unalaska Island, Alaska. If students, prospective students or others are interested in any of these projects, please feel free to reach out to Jean.

Marlon Jean's Curriculum Vitae

Marlon Jean's Research Gate Profile

Selected Publications

Jean MM, Christiansen EH, Champion DE, Vetter SK, Phillips WM, Schuth S, Shervais JW (2018) Caldera Life-cycles of the Yellowstone Hotspot track: Death and Rebirth of the Heise Caldera. Journal of Petrology, v. 59, no. 8, p. 1643–1670.

Jean MM, Shervais JW (2017) The Distribution of Fluid Mobile and Other Incompatible Trace Elements in Orthopyroxene from Mantle Wedge Peridotites. Chemical Geology, v. 457, p. 118–130.

Jean MM, Taylor LA, Howarth GH, Peslier AH, Fedele L, Bodnar RJ, Guan Y, Doucet LS, Ionov DA, Logvinova A, Sobolev NV, Golovin AV (2016) Olivine inclusions in Siberian diamonds and mantle xenoliths: Contrasting water and trace-element contents. Lithos, v. 265, p. 31–41.

Jean MM, Hanan BB, Shervais JW (2014) Yellowstone hotspot-continental lithosphere interaction. EPSL, v. 389, p. 119–131.

Jean MM, Shervais JW, Champion DE, Vetter SK (2013) Geochemical and paleomagnetic variations in basalts from the Wendell RASA drill core: Evidence for magma recharge and assimilation-fractional crystallization from the central Snake River Plain, Idaho. Geosphere, v. 9, no. 5, p. 1319–1335.

Jean MM, Shervais JW, Choi SH, Mukasa SB (2010) Melt Extraction and Melt Refertilization in Mantle Peridotite of the Coast Range Ophiolite: An LA-ICP-MS Study. Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology, v. 159, no. 1, p. 113–136.