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Javier Tellez, PhD, is a cross-trained geoscientist primarily focused on using new technologies applied in geosciences, particularly sedimentology, stratigraphy and depositional systems analysis, for energy resources. He uses a multidisciplinary approach involving multiscale studies of depositional systems, stratigraphic architecture and sedimentology. To develop his research, Tellez collaborates with students to integrate multiple data types (e.g., outcrop, seismic, UAV-based models, subsurface) and analyze them using a range of tools (e.g., machine learning, 3D modeling) to evaluate the sedimentologic characterization, stratigraphic architecture and variability of reservoir rocks.

Tellez has instructed and co-instructed courses on Introductory Petroleum Geology and Geophysics as well as Reservoir Characterization and Modeling. He has experience mentoring undergraduate research students in computer-based projects using machine learning tools and field-based projects using UAV-based model analysis.

Tellez designs the content of his courses to illustrate the application of geosciences in complicated and straightforward questions. His classes include laboratory or practical sessions where he teaches students through hands-on field or computer-based exercises that complement his classroom lectures.

Javier Tellez Curriculum Vitae