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Deborah Kennard, PhD, received her Bachelor of Arts in biology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and went on to earn both her Master of Science and PhD in botany from the University of Florida in Gainesville. An associate professor of environmental science and technology, Kennard teaches Introduction to Environmental Science, Global Sustainability, Ecosystem Management, Fire Ecology, Forest Ecology, Climate Change Adaptation, Environmental Science and Outdoor Recreation, and the capstone course.

Kennard most enjoys teaching outdoor lab courses that engage students in the scientific method while they learn about local resource issues. She researches how old-growth pinyon-juniper woodlands are influenced by fire, bark beetles and invasive plants. She also has researched plant community changes caused by widespread tamarisk mortality due to the tamarisk leaf beetle, a bio-control agent released in 2006. Before joining the faculty at CMU, Kennard conducted research on neotropical forests.

To learn more about Kennard’s research and publications, please visit:
Google Scholar Profile | Deborah Kennard, PhD