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Susan Hemphill teaches Math 105- Elements of Mathematics and Math 305- Discovering Geometry. Both courses are for future educators. These classes engage in group work and student-led explorations, with an emphasis on Inquiry-Based Learning and positive math growth mindsets. Hemphill is very interested in unique and non-routine solutions in problem-solving. She enjoys seeing those "light bulb moments" of understanding.

As a math educator, Hemphill strives to model different teaching methods to engage and connect with her students. She prefers to be a facilitator of learning rather than a lecture, believes in a growth mindset and encourages students to view mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Hemphill is a retired Texas educator with 31 years of experience. She has been a classroom teacher, department chair, district math program director, Rice University School Math Project Master Teacher, Education Service Center Math specialist, and Implementation Coach for OnRamps Math courses at the University of Texas at Austin. Having recently moved to Grand Junction she enjoys all things nature in the area and is busy working on making her house a home.

Susan Hemphill's Curriculum Vitae