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Megan Wendler, PhD, teaches upper-level applied mathematics courses, as well as some lower-level courses such as College Algebra. It is her philosophy that learning can only truly happen once we convince ourselves that we genuinely want to learn. Thus, she desires to show students that learning is something to be cherished, which she believes can be accomplished through using a creative teaching approach. In particular, Wendler believes in using a student-centered approach to teaching, keeping students engaged and incorporating active learning into the classroom.

Wendler has a wide range of scholarly interests. As a master's student, she studied mathematical physics and quantum mechanics. However, as a PhD student, she switched gears and studied linear algebra and matrix analysis. She is interested in all of these areas as well as most other areas of math.

On her spare time, Wendler likes to get outdoors such as through biking, skiing, hiking and camping. She also enjoys board games, reading and playing guitar.

Published Works

M.J. Tsatsomeros and M. Wendler, Semimonotone matrices, Linear Algebra Appl. 578 (2019), 207-224.

M. Wendler, The almost semimonotone matrices, Special Matrices 7 (2019), 291-303.

J.J McDonald, R. Nandi, K.C. Sivakumar, P. Sushmitha, M.J. Tsatsomeros, E. Wendler, and M. Wendler, M-matrix and inverse M-matrix extensions, submitted

K.C. Sivakumar, S. Parameswaran, and M. Wendler, Karamardian matrices: a generalization to Q-matrices, submitted