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DEd, Walden University

MA, Western Michigan University

BS, Grand Valley State University


Brad Kahrs, DEd, received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Grand Valley State University and went on to earn a Master of Arts in mathematics education from Western Michigan University and a Doctorate of Education from Walden University. Kahrs teaches Elements of Mathematics for elementary teachers as well as some general education mathematics courses. He enjoys working with students and developing positive relationships that enable him to instigate change and growth.

Kahrs' scholarly interests are in mathematics education, and specifically how to prepare the individuals that enter the teaching profession for the challenges that await them in curriculum, method and motivation. Kahrs has vast experience in k-12 classrooms as a teacher and coach (athletic and academic), has served as mentor to dozens of pre-service and in-service teachers and has published two works relative to mentoring beginning teachers. He is interested in teacher and school leadership.


Along with needing passion and energy, Kahrs says of life in the classroom, "My teaching metaphor is that of leading a mountain expedition: some will 'race' to the top, some will need to be encouraged, some will want to turn back, some will want to give up, some won't pay attention to the dangers, but I want to get [my students] all to the top so they can share the incredible view that comes with meeting and beating a challenge." He continues to train and compete for endurance running events of up to 100 miles and coaches a number of athletes across the country in this endeavor.