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PhD, The Pennsylvania State University

MA, Brigham Young University

BA, Brigham Young University

AA, Ricks College


Tyler K. Anderson, PhD, received an associate degree in Spanish from Ricks College and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Brigham Young University before going on to earn his Master of Arts and PhD in Spanish Linguistics, from BYU and The Pennsylvania State University respectively. Anderson teaches courses like Introduction to Spanish Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Diversity and Multicultural Literacies, Using Technology, Culture and Literature in the Foreign Language Classroom, Spanish Teaching Methodologies, Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, Advanced Spanish Conversation, Advanced Spanish Composition and Intermediate and Basic Spanish.

Regardless of which course he is teaching, Anderson's goal is to engage his students in the teaching and learning process. He seldom gives lectures, but rather hold classes where students are very active and everyone participates - an environment in which real learning takes place. Anderson's research interests include bilingualism, language attitudes, Spanish in the United States, bilingual language outcomes, second language pronunciation and technology in the classroom.

Anderson describes himself as 'that professor'-the one with his bike in his office as a great form of transportation as well as a good stress reliever. In his free time, Anderson loves to run and spend time with his family.

Tyler Anderson's curriculum vitae

Selected Publications

Anderson, Tyler K. & Benjamin J. Souza (2012). English-Spanish bilinguals' attitudes toward L2 pronunciation: Do they identify with native Spanish speakers? In John Levis and Kimberly LeVelle (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd annual Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference (pp. 27-38). Ames, Iowa TESL/Applied Linguistics, Iowa State University.

Anderson, Tyler (2010). Attitudes toward Spanish language variation among Latinas living in western Colorado. In Susana Rivera-Mills and Daniel Villa (Eds.), Spanish of the Southwest A Language in Transition (pp. 291-317). Madrid Editorial Iberoamericana/Vervuert.

Anderson, Tyler & Almeida Jacqueline Toribio (2007). Attitudes towards lexical borrowing and intra-sentential code-switching among Spanish-English bilinguals, Spanish in Context, 4, 2, 217-240.