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Rhema Zlaten, PhD, teaches courses for emerging media workers navigating the digital age. From opinion writing to online storytelling strategies and reporting, Zlaten works to foster critical thinking in savvy media content producers.

Zlaten researches in digital journalism trends and business growth, media ethics and science communication. Zlaten's research and scholarly passions weave media theory and media practice with ethical theory, ethical applications, moral psychology and media sociology. These themes show up in lectures regardless of the main class topic throughout every semester. Zlaten is also passionate about media literacy and raising a new generation of thoughtful fact-checkers.

Zlaten is a Grand Junction native and a Palisade High school graduate. She and her family (husband and three kids) live in Palisade. When not teaching,she enjoys playing the piano and singing (often with her husband, Matt, who plays saxophone), as well as watching the sunset and walking down by the Colorado River with her family and sometimes her two rowdy dogs. Zlaten is also a hot springs fanatic and likes to spend vacation times chasing down new ones.

Curriculum Vitae