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Kristin Heumann, PhD, received her Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education with a concentration in fitness management from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. She went on to earn both her Master of Science in Exercise and Wellness and her PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness from Arizona State University. Heumann has taught Zumba, Foundations of Kinesiology, Health and Fitness Assessment, Physiology of Exercise, Anatomical Kinesiology, Advanced Strength and Conditioning, Worksite Health Promotion, Physical Activity and Aging and oversees student internships. She currently serves as the Assistant Academic Department Head for the Department of Kinesiology. In this role, she oversees Exercise Science, Fitness & Health Promotion, and Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies programs, the Health & Wellness course, as well as all activity courses. Heumann is the Education Recognition Program Director of the Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training programs for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). She is the Colorado State Director and serves on the National Women's Committee for the NSCA.

Prior to teaching, Heumann acted as a personal trainer for a research study being conducted at Arizona State University. She then worked as a lifestyle coordinator in the Worksite Health Promotion setting for Freescale Semiconductor in Tempe, Ariz. She has spent time coaching jump rope and teaching jump rope classes. Heumann then went on to teach at Arizona State University while she was a teaching associate in courses including Aerobics, Weight Training, Instructional Competency Cardiovascular Fitness, and Technology and Physical Activity. She also taught courses at Chandler Gilbert Community College as an adjunct professor. While living in Madrid, Spain, for one semester, she taught courses at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, including a Master's Lecture course for the EUROSPORT Master's program in multimedia sports journalism.

As an educator, Heumann strives to challenge students to think critically to evaluate their core beliefs. She sees the role of educators to push students past knowledge of the subject and into application and significance. She believes that with hands-on experience, students are more engaged and can relate their experiences to their learning. She also continues to introduce information to her courses as it is being published.

Heumann primarily has studied the effects of exercise on bone health in children and young adult women. She has researched physical activity assessments and the effects of deployment on fitness parameters and medical utilization. Most recently, her research has focused on health outcomes throughout allied health career programs, baseball performance outcomes, and the utilization of health and wellness as well as activity courses in higher education. Heumann is also interested in the areas of strength and conditioning, athletic performance, and gender differences in training. For exercise, she likes to try new exercise modalities and loves teaching Zumba. Heumann enjoys spending her free time with her family and supporting the Mavericks.

Professor of Kinesiology Kristin Heumann's curriculum vitae

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Kristin Heumann's curriculum vitae