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Keith R. Fritz received his Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Oregon State University and went on to earn both his Master of Science and PhD in exercise science from the University of New Mexico. While at Oregon State, he participated in a yearlong internship at the Boeing Company's Physiology Laboratory working in the Executive Fitness Program. As a student at the University of New Mexico, Fritz was a graduate assistant, teaching a wide range of activity courses, and worked at Sandia National Laboratories as an exercise physiologist - spending countless hours working in the university's Human Performance Lab.

Fritz teaches Creative Play, Dance and Gymnastic, Lifetime Physical Education, Motor Learning, Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom, Health and Wellness, and Mountain Biking. As an educator, he feels that it is important to make the material relevant to the students. He does this by connecting the material to practical applications. In most of his classes, students are exposed to lecture, small group work, various technology, discussion and question/answer periods. He tries to keep the learning environment comfortable and conducive to student participation.

Keith Fritz's curriculum vitae