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MS, Masters of Science Physician Assistant Studies: Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical Center
BA, Biology: University of Colorado 


Meyer is the director of Clinical Education and will teach PA Professionalism courses; History and Physical exam; Patient Assessment, Diagnostics and Clinical Skills Lab I, II and III; Clinical Year Seminar; Kinesiology: A History and Philosophy of Sports and Physical Education.

Meyer's teaching philosophy includes a holistic approach. He teaches his PA students to consider the patient’s comprehensive, integrated wellness. He believes treatment should involve the intellect, physical, emotional and inner dimensions of each individual.

When educating, Meyer believes students respond best to positive reinforcement and invests in each student, which helps facilitate corrective feedback. All humans desire and deserve respect and dignity; they need an understanding and compassionate ear and a knowledgeable professional to answer their questions to lead them to holistic health.

Meyer's scholarly interests include the study of the body's organ and nervous systems and how injury, pain and psychiatric pathology lead to an accumulative effect in the development of illness and the effect exerted on a person's physiology and wellness.

In addition to being a professor, Meyer is a family man first. He has four children ages 12, 9, 9 and 7. His children keep him moving with coaching and supporting their activities. He is also active in his local church with service in various capacities. Meyer loves staying active and regularly enjoys the great mountain biking in this area, and enjoys many of the other bountiful outdoor recreation opportunities available here on the Western Slope.

Daniel Meyer Curriculum Vitae