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Alli Powell was born and raised in Carbondale, Colorado. Since she was in high school, Powell knew she wanted to pursue athletic training as a profession and has grown to love teaching the profession to students. As an instructor for courses and preceptor, she works hard to engage students through an inspiring environment that is fun, positive and open.

Powell's scholarly interests focus on quality patient care through a variety of novel treatment paradigms. She strives to challenge what we think we know in health care and is passionate about driving the athletic training profession forward.

Her hobbies include hiking, running, general fitness and just about anything else outdoors that she can do with her husband, Matt; their two sons Leo and Wally; and their two dogs two dogs, Izzy and Moglie.

Powell has taught a variety of courses for the Masters of Science in Athletic Training Program, including advanced therapeutic interventions, injury & illness diagnosis & management, professionalism in athletic training/healthcare ethics and clinical education courses.

Alli Powell Curriculum Vitae  

Selected Published Work

Powell, A.Z. & Baker R.T. (2019). Treatment of scapular dyskinesis with reflexive neuromuscular stimulation: A case report. Clinical Practice in Athletic Training, 2(3), 35-47.

Bonser, R.J., Hancock, C.L., Hansberger, B.L., Loutsch, R.A., Stanford, E.K., Zeigel, A.K., Baker, R.T., May, J., Nasypany, A., & Cheatham, S. (2017). Changes in hamstring range of motion following neurodynamic sciatic sliders: A critically appraised topic. The Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 26(4); 311-315.

Hancock, C., Hansberger, B., Loutsch, R., Stanford, E., Zeigel, A., Bonser, R., Baker, R., Cheatham, S., May, J., Nasypany, A.M. (2016). Changes in hamstring range of motion following proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching compared with static stretching: A critically appraised topic. The International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training, 21(5); 1-7.