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Nicole Gouin teaches various courses within the traditional Bachelor of Nursing Program. She comes with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. She started her career in the United States Air Force, where she deployed to Afghanistan and worked in the Trauma/Emergency Department and helped both locals and military victims of gunshot wounds, blasts, burns, etc.

Gouin has worked as a supervisor of an OB/GYN clinic, is experienced in the area of inpatient obstetrics and currently works at Family Health West taking care of post-operative patients waking up from anesthesia.

She has taught nursing students at a college level since 2015 and thoroughly enjoys educating future nurses. She has experience in leadership and management, high-risk obstetrics, trauma, surgical services, and diabetes management. Gouin's areas of scholarly interest include nursing burnout, nursing curriculum, addiction, spirituality in nursing care and health and wellness.

Gouin gravitates towards the cognitive-social philosophy of teaching which recognizes not only the importance of knowledge but also that of modeling skills, procedures, and expectations to students. She believes that students and faculty are equal human beings, different in their experience and skill set, and that when an instructor starts educating and teaching from a perspective that they are a “better” and a more valuable human being than their student, they hinder the learning experience and have a false sense of identity and pride. Gouin believes that students must be accountable and responsible for their learning and does not believe in a “top-down” approach where the instructor is solely responsible for the success of the student. Rather she thinks the instructor should facilitate a love of learning and an environment ideal for all types of learners. By providing an ideal environment, educators are able to motivate learners and facilitate quality outcomes for all students. As an educator, Gouin believes it is crucial to be adaptive and flexible in her approach so that her students may be successful.

Gouin also has previous experience launching a brand-new traditional BSN program where she developed the curriculum and various courses within the program.

She has a passion for education, and some of her hobbies include mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping and spending time with friends and family.