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Megan Dunegan is a Certified Surgical Technologist as well as a Certified Surgical First Assistant. She has been scrubbing for ten years and assisting for two years. She loves working in the operating room! She finds it very exciting and interesting. She teaches fundamentals, surgical specialties, lab work and clinical practicum.

She encourages students to speak up in class if there is anything that needs clarification because she has high expectations for all of her students. Her overall goal is to help students master the material in a safe and fun learning environment so that when they take exams they are confident that they will do well. And most of all, she wants to make sure students are comfortable with their skills when they reach the operating room. She believes that is the most important thing she can do as a leader and instructor.

She is excited to be working with the students and being a part of the CMU family. 

Besides her passion for teaching and surgery, she also loves to mountain bike, go hiking and hang out with her dogs (also, cat, chickens and rabbits). She loves to be with her family and traveling.