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Kindra Loyd has more than 20 years experience in the nursing field, including direct patient care, nursing management and nursing education.

As a clinical instructor, she places high value in experiential learning. She teaches Family/Maternal/Child clinical nursing, providing guidance and support as students learn to care for some of the most fragile of patient populations. She loves to engage students as they provide care to women and children at some of the most scary and triumphant times in their lives.

In providing nursing education as a clinical instructor, most of the learning she provides occurs outside of the classroom. Clinical experiences present ideal opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom to actual patients/care scenarios. Loyd works side-by-side with students in the acute patient care setting, as well as promotes learning opportunities in outpatient care provision and preventative health education for the pediatric and obstetric populations.

As a neonatal nurse of more than 20 years, she appreciates the communication, knowledge, critical thinking, compassion and patient-centered care that is crucial to providing high quality and safe care to patients.

When not caring for patients or educating future nurses, she enjoys many outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, skiing and camping.

Kindra Loyd's Curriculum Vitae