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Alicia Geary received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Colorado Mesa University in 2013. She went on to practice as a registered nurse at Montrose Memorial hospital for eight years. She decided to return to school and pursue her MSN-FNP degree from Samuel Merritt University and graduated with this degree in 2020.

Currently, she practices as a virtual, tele-health NP providing primary care. She was initially hired to teach for CMU in 2019 and loved teaching so much that she never left. She works for the Montrose Campus teaching for the LPN program as well as the LPN-BSN program.

In the classroom, she tries to encourage her students to think through the subject matter critically, not only focusing on the next test that is needing to be passed, but more so on the bigger goal of being a caring, supportive nurse.

When not teaching or seeing patients, you can find Geary hanging out with her family. They love being outside golfing, kayaking and riding the side-by-side together.