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Warren MacEvoy, PhD, completed his undergraduate work at Colorado Mesa University and then went on to earn Master of Science and PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona in 1994. MacEvoy later completed post-doctoral work in Applied Mathematics at New York University in 1996. He specializes in high performance computing (Tesla GPU, multicore, massively parallel computers), computer security, artificial intelligence/robotics/industrial automation/autonomouse and remote systems and sensing.

He analyzes systems with mathematical and computer models muon collectors, nonlinear phenomena in high-energy lasers, nonlinear interactions in shallow water waves, electro-osmosis and electrophoresis, groundwater modeling, autonomous vehicle navigation and computer vision. MacEvoy also develops and reviews security software AES, Tesla-GPU-accelerated encryption, PRNG's, and RNGs. He has received honors and awards including an NSF Industrial Postdoc, and fellowships from WESAS, NEEDS and WSC.

MacEvoy has experience in software engineering, web and mobile development and operating systems. He has assisted with student projects in many areas including embedded and robotic systems and computer security. He is a Colorado Space Grant affiliate for space-related projects, and faculty consultant for the Maverick Innovation Center. MacEvoy also serves as Rocky Mountain Regional Director for the International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Warren MacEvoy's curriculum vitae