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PhD, Civil Engineering: University of Colorado Boulder 
        Emphasis, Construction Engineering and Management
MS, Civil Engineering: University of Colorado Boulder
BS-MS, Civil Engineering: Polytechnic University of Catalonia 


Ulises Techera,PhD, is a civil engineer with a passion for construction and structural design. His experience encompasses commercial and residential projects nationally and internationally. Additionally, Techera is an expert in construction safety and the way in which human factors affect safety and productivity. He is an active consultant and contributor to the construction industry. He believes that engineering and construction enable progress and he has made his daily endeavor to help students to become excellent professionals and visionary leaders in this sector. 

Techera relies on teamwork and interdisciplinary projects to help students develop professional skills such as effective communication, management and leadership skills. His industry experience has taught him that collaboration is essential to learning and innovation. When people work together there is a synergy that makes the creation of new ideas possible. For this reason, he believes in a balance between individual work and group work. Implementing this teaching philosophy helps him foster well-rounded professionals ready to face the challenges of the future.

Published Work

[1] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., and Littlejohn, R. (2017). “Worker Fatigue in Electrical-Transmission and Distribution-Line Construction” Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, (accepted for publication: June 2018).
[2] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., and Littlejohn, R. (2018). “Measuring and Predicting Fatigue in Construction: An Empirical Field Study” Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 144(8), 04018062
[3] Alruqi, W., Hallowell, M., and Techera, U. (2018) “Safety climate dimensions and their relationship to construction safety performance: a meta-analytic review” Safety Science, 109: 165-173.
[4] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., Stambaugh, N., and Littlejohn, R. (2016). “Causes and consequences of occupational fatigue: Meta-analysis and systems model.” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(10), 961-973.

[1] Techera, U., and Bozic, C. (2017). “Differences in Learning Outcomes and Engagement Across Traditional, Blended, and Online Engineering Management Undergraduate Courses” Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Columbus, Ohio, June 2017. 
[2] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., and Littlejohn, R. (2017). “Objectively Assessing and Predicting Fatigue Levels Among Construction Workers” 6th CSCE/ASCE/CRC International Construction Specialty Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada, May 31-June 3, 2017, (Accepted, February 2017).
[3] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., Marks, E., and Stambaugh, N. (2016). “Measuring occupational fatigue: A comprehensive review and comparison of subjective and objective methods” Proceedings of the ASCE Construction Research Congress 2016: pp. 1546-1555. San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 31-June 2, 2016.


[1] Techera, U., Hallowell, M., and Littlejohn, R. (2017). “Correlation between Fatigue and Hazard Recognition Ability” Safety Science, (Planned Submission: April 2019).



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