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Sumeet Chaudhary, PhD, research interest is in engineering education. He is specifically interested in using different pedagogical techniques to enhance the engineering classroom environment.

Selected Publications

A. Hasebu, S. Chaudhary “Commercial 4G LTE Networks for Supporting Evolving Smart Grid Applications”, International Journal of Networking and Computing Technology, 2020 (Submitted)

Yin, Z., Dong, Z., Cahay, M., Pixley, S., Haworth, K.J., Rahimi, M., Goh, S.K., Starnes, S., Patwardhan, M., Chaudhary, S. and Schulz, M.J., 2019. “Carbon Nanotube Wire for Use in Precision Medical Devices.” in Nanotube Superfiber Materials (pp. 825-849). William Andrew Publishing.

Megha Chitranshi, Devika Chauhan, Ashley Kubley, Anuptha Pujari, Chenhao Xu, Daniel Chen, Sumeet Chaudhary, Guangfeng Hou, Gregory Bell, Brooke Brandewie, Rutvik Kaneria, Ronald Hudepohl, Mark J Schulz, Pioneering carbon nanotube textile engineering & fashion technology. J Textile Eng Fashion Technol. 2019;5(2):89‒92

Devika Chauhan, Chenhao Xu, Daniel Chen, Ashley Kubley, Brooke Brandewie, Guangfeng Hou, Weifeng Li, Vianessa Ng, Massoud Rabiee, Marc Cahay, Woo Kyun Kim, Sumeet Chaudhary, Khwaja Moinuddin, Michael Paine, Richard Kleismit, David Mast, Surendra Devarakonda, Sang Young Son, Vesselin N Shanov and Mark J Schulz “Introduction to Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Textiles”, Journal of Textile Science and Fashion Technology, Volume 1 issue 5, 2019.

Poster presented at NMD workshop, May 21st-22nd ,2018; “Lightweight Induction Motor”Sumeet Chaudhary, Francois T Nyamsi Daniel R Chen , Guangfeng Hou, Max Rabiee, Marc Cahay, and Mark Schulz