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At CMU, Ganss supports the CMU/CU Boulder Engineering Partnership Program, including areas of academic advising, curriculum updates, graduation checks, faculty engagement, student recruitment, alumni/industry outreach and connections with departments in Boulder.

As a first-generation college student, growing up in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado shaped Ganss' passion for rural places as well as her outlook on education. Her research interests surround the experiences of students from small towns in higher education environments and she has published many articles on this subject.

Her experiences in higher education span multiple areas of student support services including admissions/recruitment, orientation/first-year experience programming, pre-health advising, honors programs, engineering education, transfer student support and university partnerships.

Ganss also has substantial experience with grant writing, in particular with successful HRSA grants related to the opiod overdose crisis in rural America.

In her free time, Ganss enjoys trail running, hiking, discovering new places in Colorado, crafting, eating delicious food and spending time with family.

Karen Ganss' Curriculum Vitae

Selected Published Work

Ganss, K. M., McNamee, T., & Islam, S. (2022, June 21). Book Review. Higher education access and success of rural students: Ensuring college-going advice is relevant to rural populations. [Review of Rural America’s pathway to college and career: Steps for student success and school improvement, by R. Dalton]. Theory and Practice in Rural Education, 12(1), pp. 133-137. doi: 10.3776/tpre.2022.v12n1p133-137.

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doi: 10.1080/19496591.2016.1157487

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