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William Adams, PhD, has worked as a senior project manager, vice president and president for specialty construction and engineer consultancy service companies for more than 20 years. His recent graduate research for Environmental Geography at Texas State University has provided Adams with the experience and knowledge pertaining to surface and ground water laws, land conservation, stakeholder facilitation, grant writing, fundraising, and the ability to effectively engage and motivate public involvement with their environment. Two themes that emerged from Adams doctoral research are, first, with growing populations it is critically important to maintain land in conservation to protect our water resources quantity and quality. Second, education and outreach to the public is critical to drive sound environmental policy legislation at the local, state and national level. The public, as a major stakeholder, must be actively engaged. Key objectives needed are sediment prevention, low impact development and mitigate contaminated storm water runoff.

Adams participation with the San Marcos Watershed Initiative and Greenbelt Alliance has provided him the opportunity to be involved in watershed protection efforts. He has served as past president of the San Marcos Lions Club, vice president of the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance and secretary with the San Marcos Citizens Utility Advisory Board that has provided a balance of community service and outreach for land, water and energy regional planning.

Adams has the proven ability to communicate ideas, organize events and manage complex, multiple projects. This experience provides effective working relationships with agency personnel, the community and board members/executive stakeholder steering committees.

Curriculum vitae

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Teaching Philosophy

Adams has more than 20 years in the applied construction industry through hands-on experience both in the trades and management. Within his own organization, he believes in providing opportunities for new employees to learn and advance with the organization through apprenticeship programs. Academically, Adams subscribes to the tenant that learning is a 4-step process: reading, listening, interaction with others, and teaching the material to others. He encourages his students to ask critical questions to understand the issues, and to learn where to find answers to create solutions through a vast network of resources.

Additional Scholarly Interests

Adams dissertation topic was "The Protracted Dispute over the Edwards Aquifer: Revisiting and Reframing Multiparty Stakeholder Conflicts in Management, Regulations, Allocation and Property Rights". His research and consulting interests include: low impact development, storm water runoff and sediment mitigation, change management, stakeholder conflict management, etc.

Published Work

Adams, William. "The Protracted Dispute over the Edwards Aquifer: Revisiting and Reframing Multiparty Stakeholder Conflicts in Management, Regulation, Allocation, and Property Rights." Publication date Jan 2017 publication description Digital Collections@TXState

Adams, William, Denise Blanchard, Richard Earl. "Edwards Aquifer Region Stakeholder Frame Analysis." Publication date Jul 25, 2015 publication description Papers in Applied Geography, Volume 37

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