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Siyu Shi, PhD, was conferred his doctorate in Information Systems from Penn State University in 2024, following a Master of Science in Statistics obtained from the University of Connecticut in 2017.

Dr. Shi's research is dedicated to examining the human response to emerging technological phenomena. His work is fundamentally concerned with the alterations in behavior that ensue upon the introduction of technological innovations. While acknowledging the benefits and conveniences afforded by technology, Dr. Shi's research also addresses the accompanying challenges and potential biases. Through his investigations, he aims to elucidate these underlying mechanisms and devise strategies to ensure technology's contribution to our society is both positive and equitable, thus fostering fairness and inclusivity.

In his pedagogical approach, Dr. Shi emphasizes a student-centric learning environment, preparing learners for the evolving landscape of big data. He champions practical, real-world learning experiences, guiding his students to apply classroom methodologies in generating meaningful business insights.