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Johnny Snyder

Professor of Computer Information Systems, Study Abroad Coordinator

Contact Information

Dominguez Hall 301F



PhD, University of New Mexico
MA, University of New Mexico
MS, Nova Southeastern University
BA, Fort Lewis College


Johnny Snyder, PhD, is an avid proponent of the teacher/scholar model. He has continued to embrace educational opportunities that enhance his classroom presence, including obtaining certifications in security and networking from Microsoft, and a Six Sigma (quality control) black belt.

He teaches in the area of Computer Information Systems, a rapidly evolving and changing discipline. Due to the pace of change in the discipline, he is constantly reading and exploring technology offerings both online and off. The students in his classes enjoy the dynamic nature of the discipline and always have ideas and input about new and emerging trends in technology. The students are excited to explore ideas from the physical world and how these ideas transition into the digital arena.

He is the faculty adviser for the student chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals. In this environment, students can explore alternative information systems concepts in a forum of their peers. This exploration takes on many forms, from presentations to software and hardware demonstrations.

He has published in numerous journals and his research interests include knowledge management, information literacy, quantitative analysis and data modeling and pedagogical issues in information systems.

Johnny Snyder's curriculum vitae

Selected Publications

Snyder, J. (2019). Teasing Information out of a Time Series: Index Numbers and the Multiplicative Model. Sage Research Methods Cases Part 2. doi: 10.4135/9781526466488

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Snyder, J. (Winter 2013). Wikipedia Librarians' Perspectives on Its Use as a Reference Source. Reference & User Services Quarterly 53(2), p.157-165.

Carpenter, D., McGinnis, D., Slauson, G. & Snyder, J. (2013). Assessing the Microsoft Office Skills Course Computer Mediated Delivery and Pre- and Post- Surveys. Information Systems Education Journal, 11(4), p. 66-83.

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