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Dongjun Rew, PhD, teaches both undergraduate- and graduate-level marketing courses including principles of marketing, consumer behavior, promotions, digital marketing, marketing research and marketing strategy.

He believes that teaching is "two-way communication", in terms of "interaction". This is the first step of his strategy to build a relationship with people. In his classes, he always attempts to get to know students more and more not only by sharing knowledge of marketing but also by communicating with students. He asks many theoretical and practical questions to his students and is eager to listen to their voice in classroom because through this way we can acknowledge where we are, what we have to do and what we can do to build a better relationship and achieve goals we set. Personally, he hopes this helps his students break and extend their comfort zone.

He is very interested in consumers and their behaviors in the context of service. By using quantitative research methods, he understands relationships among important factors that affect consumer behaviors, such as satisfaction, attitude, repurchase intention and loyalty. Currently, he is conducting research on different topics in consumer research, such as building brand loyalty in sharing economy, service productivity and quality impact on customer satisfaction, and consumer decision making process by analyzing brain images.

He is a big fan of outdoor activities such as both salt water and fresh water fishing, hiking and camping. Thus, he is usually looking for the best places for activities with his family.

Dongjun Rew's Curriculum Vitae