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Shay West, PhD, teaches courses in human biology, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience. Her specialties are genetics and neuroscience. When not playing with plushie microbes and teaching biology classes, she can be found at the gym, at home painting, or playing with her cat and bearded dragon. West also writes sci-fi fantasy novels. She is the author of several series: Portals of Destiny, Adventure of Alexis Davenport and Organ Reapers.

Shay West's curriculum vitae

Selected Publications

Kahr, Walter et al. 2011. Mutations in NBEAL2, encoding a BEACH protein, cause gray platelet syndrome. Nature Genetics. 43:738-40

Fabbro S, Schaller K, Seeds NW. 2011. Amyloid-beta levels are significantly reduced and spatial memory defects are rescued in a novel neuroserpin-deficient Alzheimer's disease transgenic mouse model. J Neurochem. 118:928-38.

Fabbro, Shay et al. 2011. Homozygosity mapping with SNP arrays confirms 3p21 as a recessive locus for gray platelet syndrome and narrows the interval significantly. Blood. 117: 3430-3434

Fabbro, Shay and Nicholas W. Seeds. 2009. Tissue Plasminogen Activator Activity is Dramatically Reduced while Neuroserpin is up-regulated in the Alzheimer Disease Brain. Journal of Neurochemistry. 109: 303-315.