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Margot Becktell, PhD, received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from CMU in 1998, back when it was called Mesa State College. She went on to earn her doctorate in plant pathology from Cornell University in 2004.

She teaches classes in general biology, plant biology, plant physiology, plant anatomy, senior thesis and mycology.

Becktell also manages the CMU Greenhouse facility where she (and the students who work for her) curate and care for over 50 different plant species that are used for teaching and research activities.

Becktell studies late blight of petunias caused by Phytophthora infestans, the same plant pathogen that destroyed the potato crops in Ireland during the Irish potato famine. She also works in collaboration with the Forensic Investigation Research Station (FIRS) to identify fungi involved in the human decomposition process.

She enjoys any type of exploring in nature, but she especially loves wildflower season in the spring and mushroom season in the fall!