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During his years as a practicing orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. George Gromke was actively involved in the State Medical Society. He was a speaker at various educational symposiums hosted by the society. Dr. Gromke brings his experience as an orthopaedic surgeon to CMU to teach pathophysiology, anatomy and physiology and embryology.

Dr. Gromke comes to class enthusiastic, organizing each class well and using a variety of teaching methods to present the material. He mainly focuses on helping students in his class learn rather than just dispensing his knowledge to them.

Dr. Gromke believes that effective teaching is comprised of two necessary and related elements: knowledge of the content and ability to communicate it. Knowing the material is not enough to be effective in teaching. Therefore, he takes care to understand the concepts he expects to cover and to make them understandable to the students. He organizes his presentations with students learning in mind and keeps his knowledge up-to-date. Dr. Gromke references clinical scenarios from his residency and time as an orthopedic surgeon to emphasize the relevance of the material to his students.

Outside of teaching he enjoys downhill skiing and fly-fishing.