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Step 1


The College Opportunity Fund (COF) is available to Colorado Mesa University undergraduate students who are classified as in-state students for tuition purposes and enrolled in classes. When a student applies for COF, they are applying to receive a state benefit that reduces the student's share of tuition. Just like a grant, it does not need to be repaid.

For further information, check out the COF Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Registrar's Office.

  1. Apply for COF stipend

    Visit the College Opportunity Fund website to begin your application

Step 3

COF stipend history

Once you have authorized your COF benefit, you can monitor your stipend to see when COF was applied toward your college credits. 

Students have up to 145 credit hours that they can use at any Colorado college. If a student exceeds that amount, they may submit an appeal for a one year extension at Colorado Mesa University by completing the COF MAX Hours Appeal. If additional credits are needed after the Colorado Mesa University appeal process, a student may submit a CCHE College Opportunity Fund Appeal through the state of Colorado.

  1. View your COF history

    View a summary of how the COF stipend was applied toward your college credits.