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June 23-25, 2021

Colorado has a rich history of civic engagement at the local, state and federal levels. Leaders throughout our state understand that western issues are unique and oftentimes wonder what they can do to affect policy or assist our elected representatives with advancing Colorado's agenda in Washington, D.C. Former Senator Tim Wirth – and Senator Wayne Allard after him – recognized the value in partnering with an institution of higher education in Colorado to host an annual, non-partisan conference in Washington, D.C. for leaders and college students to learn more about our form of government.

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The Colorado Capital Conference is a unique opportunity for Colorado residents to interact with the nation's leaders in Washington, D.C. In an ever-changing political environment, the Colorado Capital Conference provides key insights into how the U.S. Government works. The conference is designed to give participants an enhanced understanding of the federal legislative process, as well as how to positively effect public policy.