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Thank you to our 2023-24 season sponsors:

ChevronEnstrom'sKAFM Community Radio  Colorado Public Radio • Chuck and Robbie Breaux • MBC Grand Radio: 92.3 The Moose, Magic 93.1, 103.9 The Planet, 100.7 The Vault

2023-24 Bravo Club Members:

Platinum Angel ($1000+)
Jeremy and Preston Franklin
Michael Neste
Jamee and Doug Simons
David Miller and Anne Wenzel
The Quamme Family
Bob and Louise Sammons

Angel ($500)
Peter and Carlene Goldthwaite
Bob and Doris Janowski
Loralee Kerr
Stephanie Lape
David Leonard
Scott Pankow
Amy Paul
Dan and Elise Prinster

Patron ($250)
Ron and Ellen Bradley
Marlene Craig
Dan Dworkin
Kate and Josh Holmes
Lauretta Lundquist
Mary Thom


2023-24 Major Music Donors

Robert and Cathy Altholz
Karen Combs and Lynn Wegener
Grand Mesa A Capella Chorus
Gene Dackonish
Jack Delmore
Dean and Mary Harris
Philip Heinicke
Humphrey RV
John and Angie Moss
Dr. Ruth Maurer
Craig Spoering
Roger Stone
Trish Weber
Leroy Weber
Western Colorado Community Foundation


2023-24 Theatre Scholarships 

Bruce and Frances Crowell Scholarship-Theatre Directing 
Bruce and Frances Crowell-Design/Technical Theatre
CMU Talent Grant - Dance 
CMU Talent Grant - Theatre/Drama 
Dr. Henry H. and Margaret Zeigel Fund - Theatre 
Eileen Nagatomo Townsend Memorial Scholarship 
Esther Herr Memorial Scholarship - Theatre 
Gene Lipson Trust - Theatre 
Gormley Memorial Scholarship - Theatre 
Madge Huffer Scholarship 
Mai and William S. Robinson Scholarship-Acting Program 
Marion Fletcher Scholarship 
Strobl Fiscus Scholarship Endowment - Theatre
Wenzel-Miller Scholarship