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Registered Clubs & Organizations

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See the full list of all the clubs and organizations that CMU has to offer on OrgSync! Use OrgSync to get more information, make contact, or even see when a club's meetings and events are!

*All officially recognized clubs at Colorado Mesa University need to register with the Club Advisory Board on a yearly basis to ensure the most current information on the club is available.

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club is for students interested in the advancement of accounting knowledge, a career in accounting, or the accounting profession. This site will serve as a way to keep in touch and up to date on club meetings and activities.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Craig Fossett

Alternative Spring Break

Programming/Service   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The Student Chapter Program of AAPG is made up of collegiate groups of geoscience students and one of the world's foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector with over 245 chapters. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Larry Jones


We chill out after a hard week of classes to socialize and encounter Asian culture through anime and Asian styled events. We give a welcoming and calming environment for anime enthusiasts to get to know each other and discuss our interests.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Robin Calland

Another Level Collaboration

To provide a fun and safe environment for students to enjoy music entertainment.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Eric Nohe

Association of Computing Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery is a place where programmers, mathematicians, and engineers can come together to work on projects in Computer Science, Robotics, and engineering.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Warren MacEnvoy

Associated Student Government

"Student governing body on campus. The voice of students."
Student Organization    
Political   Advisor: Justin Gollob

Association of Feminists

We are dedicated to the empowerment of the students of CMU! We provide information and support to promote the equality of genders and to encourage social awareness and social responsibility.
Programming/Service   Advisor: Jennifer Hancock

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

To promote awareness and proper usage of Information Technology and systems.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Johnny Snyder

Athletic Training Club

"To expand the Athletic Training program to the school. "
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Shannon Hattervig

Black Student Alliance

"To education the campus community on African American culture."
    *Part of the Cultural Diversity Board*
Diversity/International   Advisor: Danny Sandoval

Biology Club

Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Carrie McVean Waring

Campus Design Studio

Student Organization    
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Challenge Health

A student led movement to create a climate where students, faculty and staff can learn and become engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors through policy, education and community.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Chemistry Club

Colorado Mesa University has an official Chemistry Club! We're going to be volunteering, doing some fundraisers, hanging with fellow chemists and doing awesome experiments like blowing up gummy bears!
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Timothy D'Andrea

Christian Challenge

"Encouragement of Christian Faith and Service. "
Religion   Advisor: Elizabeth Sharp

Christian Student Fellowship

Our main goal is to "do everything in love"- 1 Corinthians 16:14 and through that we hope to share the love of Christ.

Religion   Advisor: Deb Parmen

Circle K International

We are part of an international service family that lives to serve, loves to serve. We are the big sibling of Key Club and the adult child of Kiwanis. We would love to see you at our meetings and service projects!
Programming/Service   Advisor: Michael Moran

Club Advisory Board (CAB)

"The student governing board over all officially recognized clubs on campus"
Student Organization    
Representative   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Club De Francais (French Club)

Club De Français is for students who want to immerse themselves further into the French language. Club De Français is a way for students to come together and learn more about the language, media, history, and culture. Students will be able to have a place to practice and improve their communication skills.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Michele Hanson


The purpose of CMU-TV is to provide student video entertainment for the Colorado Mesa University campus.
Media   Advisor: Greg Mikolai

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in college communities.

Comedy Club

To bring comedy to the students.
    Advisor:Mitch Karstens

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC Club)

The CEC Club is a collaborative, multidisciplinary team of people who are dedicated to supporting all children and their families in feeling accepted and included in our community.
    Advisor: Ann Gillies

Criminal Justice Association

"To encourage and expand the knowledge of our members within the CJ field."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor:Michael Delaney

Cultural Diversity Board

"To offer all students and staff a better understanding of other cultures and ethnic groups."
Student Organization    
Diversity/International   Advisor: Danny Sandoval

Dance Society

We welcome all those who love dance. We offer performance and choreography opportunities in a fun accepting environment
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Tim Pinnow

Drama Society

"To provide CMU students with theatre - related opportunities."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Jeanine Howe

East Asian Culture Club

The East Asian Culture Club will help to promote East Asian Culture on the Colorado Mesa University Campus. We hope to bring events from all over East Asia to the campus including holidays from Japan, China and South Korea. Along with this we hope to help students who intend have a connection to East Asian Culture.
    Advisor: John Nizalowski

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)

"To expose students to local businesses and community."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Georgann Jouflas

Engineering Club

Further engineering knowledge and interest as well as compete in collegiate engineering competitions.

Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Scott Kessler

Exercise Physiology Research Club

An academic club that provides members with the opportunity to become proficient in the applications of exercise physiology assessments and be involved in current research

Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Brent Alumbaugh

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

To reach the athletes on the campus of CMU through fellowship and sharing the good news of Jesus.
Religion   Advisor: Elizabeth Sharp

Fish and Wildlife Club

Our group is interested in Fish and Wildlife with an emphasis on preparing for careers in this area.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Erieck Hansen

Forensic Science Club

This club will provide great opportunities, such as affiliating with professionals and creating connections for your future.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Melissa Connor

Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda FBLA-PBL

We are a business club that helps develop leadership skills, provide networking opportunities, organize community service events, and offer chances to compete academically in your respective business-related discipline at the state and national level.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Deborah Parman

Gay Straight Alliance

"We strive to advocate fairness and equality for all students regardless of sexual orientation."
Diversity/International   Advisor: Sarah Swedberg

Graduate Education and Medical Sciences Club (GEMS)

GEMS club prepares students for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Graduate, and other professional health schools.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor:George Gromke

HOSA Future Health Professionals Club

HOSA is a student based organization that helps prepare students for a career in health through networking and hands on experience in several categories of health based competition.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Thresa Bloom

Hospitality Management Club

Club focusing on networking, career, and travel opportunities. We hope to promote the hospitality industry as a whole and as a major. We also want to make connections within the community by forming partnerships with the local hospitality community.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor:Britt Mathwich

Ho'olokahi Polynesian Alliance

"To promote the Polynesian culture within our CMU community."
Diversity/ International   Advisor: Breanne Meier

Innovation Help for the Homeless

Our purpose is to help homeless people through innovative ideas and programs.
    Advisor: Mitch Karstens

International Student Alliance

"To promote respect and understanding of other cultures and lifestyles on campus and in the community."
Diversity/International   Advisor: Brian Parry

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed.
    Advisor: Elizabeth Sharpe

Kappa Mu Epsilon

Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honor society founded in 1931 to promote the interest of mathematics among undergraduate students. Here at CMU, our group is designated as the Colorado Delta chapter of KME.
    Advisor: Phil Gustafsen

Kappa Sigma

    Advisor: Mitch Karstens

KMSA Radio

"Campus Radio Station"
Student Organization    
Media   Advisor: Regis Tucci

Landman/ Energy Management

To promote the Landman/Energy Management Program at Colorado Mesa University and provide networking opportunities within the energy industry.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Morgan Bridge

Latter-day Saints

The Colorado Mesa University (CMU) Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is an official student organization formed to promote spiritual well-being, foster and strengthen friendships, and uphold Church standards.
Religion   Advisor: Danny Sandoval

Latino Student Alliance

"Works to promote Latin and South American culture to educate, recruit, and retain people interested in learning about culture and diversity."
Diversity/International   Advisor: Kathryn McMillan

Master Plan Ministries

Come. Connect. Grow. We are a vibrant community of students from many walks of life. Whether you consider yourself a skeptic or you've grown up in a church, we invite you to come investigate Jesus and find how to live with a purpose, make meaningful friendships and have fun in the process!
Religion   Advisor: Andrea Keck

Maverick Fencing Alliance

"To compete on a national level."
Competitive Club Sport   Advisor: Corriann Wall

Maverick Sound

"Winter/Spring Basketball Pep Band "
    Advisor: Jonathan Hinkle

Maverick Stampede Band

"Fall Marching Band "
    Advisor: Jonathan Hinkle


"Offering safe-rides to students"
Student Organization   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Men's Volleyball Club

Competitive Club Sports   Advisor: David Skaff

Mesa Catholic Campus Ministry (MCCM)

The Mesa Catholic Campus Ministry club is a Christian, student-led out-reach in the Roman Catholic tradition. Honoring both Holy Scripture and the 2000+ history of the Church, we seek to continue growing in our search for meaning and understanding in relationship to God.
Religions   Advisor: Rick Ott

Mesa Emerging Designers

"Graphic Design."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Eli Hall

Mesa Medieval Alliance

To practice the martial arts of medieval Europe (Western Martial Arts) II. To exercise and promote historic chivalric ideals: Honor, Altruism, Courage, Conviction, and Temperance.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Justin Liles

National Association for Music Education (CNAFME)

Where Music Education majors meet to increase interest, knowledge and productivity in all areas of teaching music
    Advisor: Calvin Hofer

National Association on Mental Illness On Campus (NAMI)

CMU NAMI on Campus is a student-led campus club that helps to address the mental health needs of students and raise mental health awareness among campus communities by providing peer support, education and advocacy on campus.
Social/ Recreational   Advisor: Jacob Jones

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)

NSTA is an organization of those who are studying to be teachers in the future. Even though our name says that we are a science based group, we are not limited to those whose emphasis is in science. We are open to anyone and everyone going into the education department.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Jennifer Daniels

Native American Student Alliance

"To promote and educate people about the Native American Cultures."
Diversity/International   Advisor: Robert Cackler

Outdoor Program

Student Organization    
Social/ Recreational   Advisor: Chad Thatcher

Phi Alpha Theta

The Colorado Mesa University chapter of the historical honor society. Phi Alpha Theta promotes the study of history on campus and in the community and allows students to present research papers at conferences.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Erika Jackson

Philosophy Club

The goal of Philosophy Club is to establish a Philosophy major at CMU.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Les Miller

Physical Educators Club

"To provide professional experiences in the Physical Education Field."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Elizabeth Sharp

Political Science

The purpose of this organization is to: 1) Develop a deeper understanding of politics and government. 2) Establish a working knowledge in areas covering both American and International politics. 3) Acquire an appreciation for the variety of political vantage points. Our membership is open to all students that would like to learn more about politics.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Justin Gollob

Positive Movement

Positive Movement encourages the expression and exploration of positive energy through the use of arts, academics and activism.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Jacob Jones

Pre-Law Club

The Pre-Law Club of Colorado Mesa University offers students interested in law school opportunities for networking, resume building, letters of recommendation and personal statement workshops, community service, and LSAT preparation. PLC offers an annual forum with the admissions staff of CU, DU, and UW.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Richard Gurley

Programming Activities Council (PAC)

"A student-run organization that provides high quality entertainment to enrich the lives of students outside the classroom."
Student Organization    
Programming/Service   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology

Promote academic achievement in the science of Psychology
Honorary   Advisor: Susan Becker

Psychology Club

To promote an awareness of, and stimulate an interest in psychology and related fields of study.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Susan Becker

Public Relations Club (PR Club)

Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Dan Flenniken

Pura Vida: Spanish Club

Pura Vida is for individuals who wish to enjoy and experience the culture, traditions, history, beliefs, customs and language of the Hispanic world.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Tyler Anderson

Radiological Technology Club

The purpose of this organization is to: 1. Promote interest and enthusiasm within the profession of radiologic technology. 2. Maintain the Alan Basinger Memorial Scholarship. 3. Provide activities within the membership that will create a learning experience.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Patti Ward

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

"Serving as the voice for students living on campus."
Representative   Advisor: Kevin Brenzel

Rodeo and Equestrian Club

The Rodeo Club at CMU is a group of students interested in and dedicated to the great sport of rodeo. Our athletes travel throughout the Rocky Mountain Region to compete against other collegiate rodeo athletes.
Club Sport   Advisor: Kevin Bates

Sculpture Guild

The Sculpture Guild of Colorado Mesa University Offers students an ability to network with fellow student artists to work together and critique sculpture outside of allotted class time.
    Advisor: Araan Schmidt

Sexual Assault Prevention Club

This club assembles with the purpose of promoting an awareness of the relevant literature on sexual assault, arming the student body with safety tips in the interest of prevention, promoting healthy sexuality, and making known available resources for coping with an experienced sexual assault. Additionally, this club encourages community responsibility and active participation in preventing sexual assault.
    Advisor: Nikki Jones

Sigma Chi Fraternity

Sigma Chi Fraternity and its brothers shall enforce the precepts of the Fraternity by every reasonable means within their power, and they, and each Brother of the Fraternity shall exemplify those principles by conduct as well as enforcement in order for the Fraternity to grow and prosper with honor to itself and that the world may ever be convinced of the sincerity of our purpose as members of Sigma Chi
    Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Sigma Gamma Epsilon - Zeta Nu

This is the national academic honor society for the Earth Sciences including Geology and Environmental Science.
Honorary   Advisor: Gigi Richard

Sigma Tau Delta

We are a club interested in literature: Reading, writing, workshops, and community involvement. This is a place for people of similar interest to come together and get constructive feedback and support with their passions.
    Advisor: TJ Gerlach

Snow Slay

SnowSlay connects student to student to mountain. The mission of SnowSlay Club is to provide an environment for Colorado Mesa University students to connect, share, and promote the excitement of winter. Snow Slay Club fosters the love of winter sports including skiing and snowboarding.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Kate Belknap

Social Work

The Social Work Club at CMU is committed to social justice and to serving and empowering individuals, families, and the local community.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Kym Owens

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

"To prepare CMU students for a successful career in the field of Human Resource Management."
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Pat Schutz

Society of Physics Students

CMU's SPS chapter is part of a national society. We are dedicated to promoting physics education on campus and in the local community and encouraging camaraderie among the members in CMU's SPS chapter as well as SPS members across the country.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Chad Middleton

Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ)

SPJ is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Eric Sandstrom

Sociology Club

This club provides students interested in sociology with the opportunity to pursue interests and obtain relevant knowledge in the discipline and to engage in activities leading to human welfare. Students can interact on an informal basis and discuss sociological events and ideas.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Isabella Kasselstrand

Sorority Life Interest

Go Greek, and welcome Colorado Mesa University's first sorority in spring 2015! Join our sisterhood of exemplary women.
Greek   Advisor: Mitch Karstens

Sports Management

Expose students to the various aspects of the sport management profession by trips, conferences, and various interactions with sport organizations nationally.
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Richard Bell

Student Nurses Association

Our Mission: "The student nurses association is committed to providing a forum for nursing and pre-nursing students to gather and network, to serve the greater community through volunteering, and to raise awareness about the world of nurses and all that it is"
Academic/Pre-Professional   Advisor: Karen Urban

Student Veterans Association

To provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and post graduation.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Robert Cackler


Sustainability Council

By integrating collaborative outreach projects with adaptive initiatives, the student-run CMU Sustainability Council creates lasting and positive change within local and global communities through the synergy of economic, environmental, and social realms.
Programming/Service   Advisor: Chad Thatcher

Water Polo Club

Competitive Club Sports   Advisor: John Hildebrand


Cross Country Club

Competitive Club Sports   Advisor: Gig Leadbetter


Women's Volleyball Club

Competitive Club Sports   Advisor: David Skaff


Yoga Club

This is a club created to help create opportunities for student, staff and faculty to a deeper understanding of yoga and its culture through regularly scheduled practice and meetings at the college during the academic schedule.
Social/Recreational   Advisor: Jason Reddoch