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Ryan Avery Follensbee
Technical Instructor of Viticulture and Enology
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Josh Barnes
Chief Flight Instructor, Aviation Technology Program
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Ellise Basch
Lecturer of Viticulture and Enology
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Elizabeth Branscum
Technical Instructor of Culinary Arts
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Chris Calver
Technical Instructor of Welding Technology
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William Campbell
Technical Instructor of Welding Technology
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Frank Cardoza
Lab and Safety Technician for Manufacturing Technology
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Michael Carlton
Assistant Technical Professor of Manufacturing Technology
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Michael A. Carsten
Technical Instructor of Transportation Services
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Michael Diehl
Peace Officers Academy Director and Public Safety Department Director
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Casey Dry
Technical Instructor of Manufacturing Technology
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Megan Englund
Assistant Technical Professor of Applied Business
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Chad Federwitz
Lecturer of Gerontology
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Carolyn Ferreira Lillo
Assistant Technical Professor Mechatronics
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Jessica Ferro
Lecturer of Veterinary Technology
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Michael Graham
Aviation Technology Fixed Wing Program Director
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Robbi Grimm
Technical Instructor of Mechatronics
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Damion Gustafson
Assistant Technical Professor of Welding Technology
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Mindy Gutierrez
Early Education Apprenticeship Specialist
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Jesse Harmon
Technical Instructor of Construction Electrical
  • Office Bishop Campus Archuleta Engineering Center 109
  • Phone 970.255.2689
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Kelley Hastie
Lecturer of Culinary Arts
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Lalita Heinemann
Lecturer of Mathematics
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Deborah Henderson
Technical Instructor of Baking and Pastry
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Sundial Hoffman
Technical Instructor of Digital Filmmaking
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Pam Holder
Allied Health/Paramedic Program Director
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Rhonda Johnson
Technical Instructor of Applied Business and Marketing
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Sharon Kettle-Kemp
Technical Instructor of Veterinary Technology
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Benjamin Knapton
Lecturer of Animal Career Preparation
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Keara LaBonde
Technical Instructor of Construction Technology
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Mike Mahoney
Technical Instructor of STEM
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Joshua Meuwly
Technical Instructor of Digital Filmmaking
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Anneke Moresco
Program Director and Instructor of Veterinary Technology
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Ranell Mueller
Lecturer of Gerontology
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Kyle Muhr
Lecturer of Manufacturing Technology
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Darren Oxford
Technical Instructor of Health Science Technology
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Matt Peiffer
Technical Instructor of HVAC
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Joseph Quesenberry
Technical Instructor of Applied Mathematics
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Bryan Reed
Assistant Technical Professor of Agricultural Programs
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Nick Reimer
Technical Instructor Electric Lineworker
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Alison Robb
Wildland Fire Management Program Director
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Jason Roberson
Assistant Technical Professor of Transportation Services
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Joshua Rosenbaum
Lecturer of Culinary Arts/Instructional Designer
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T. Troy Salazar
Technical Instructor of Emergency Medical Services
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Zoe Shanahan
Lecturer of Applied Business
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T. Vail Shoultz-McCole
Technical Instructor of Early Childhood Education
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Wayne Smith
Associate Technical Professor of Culinary Arts
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Karrie Stanfill
Technical Instructor of Medical Office Assistant
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Stephanie Stelljes
Technical Instructor of Early Childhood Education
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Tom Sylvester
Technical Instructor of Land Surveying and Geomatics
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Melissa Taucher
Lecturer of Early Childhood Education
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Cindy Thomas
Technical Instructor of Nurse Aide
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Allison Vogel
Program Director, Pharmacy Technician Program
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Twila Weiszbrod
Lecturer of Medical Office Assistant
  • Office Bishop Campus Bishop Health Sciences 106E
  • Phone 970.255.2630
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Cozette Wheeler
Lecturer of Transportation Services
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Joe White
Fire Science Program Director
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