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Earn Credit for What You Know

The practice of awarding credit for college level prior learning is based upon the belief that the education which builds on, interprets, and incorporates past and present knowledge is the education that is most meaningful to the student. We recognize that students may have gained college-level knowledge and competencies through their work and life experiences that may apply to their academic program.

The development of a portfolio to demonstrate competency gained through work or other life experience can be pursued for many technical or applications-based areas. Students wanting to pursue this option must enroll in the Portfolio Development Workshop before creating a portfolio. The portfolio will be produced in collaboration with faculty from the appropriate department. Students should get course syllabi and complete the application for prior learning credit to participate in the Portfolio Development Workshop - SUPP 105.

A student may earn the maximum of 25 percent of the total semester credit hours required toward the degree or certificate through portfolio assessment. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree or 25 percent of the total semester credit hours required for an associate degree at the prerogative of the department head. Other restrictions may apply. Learn more about credit for prior learning.

For more information contact Christi Hein, Director of Instruction at CMU Tech, at 970.255.2606 or [email protected]