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Ryan Avery Follensbee instructs several courses in the Viticulture & Enology degree program at CMU Tech, aiming to instill both the art and the science of winemaking to the next generation of students entering the Colorado wine industry. Avery Follensbee has made wine in Washington, Oregon, New York and California, experiencing both cool and warm weather viticulture and winemaking while bringing a range of winemaking techniques to the education available in the program.

He has had the pleasure of making wine for a decade in a range of environments and has been employed in the wine industry for nearly two decades. Avery Follensbee was most recently employed with a very large California producer and lead their Enology Research Department for nearly four years, where he conducted cutting-edge research for internal use.

Avery Follensbee has made a number of wine styles in different regions and aims to enlighten students with the artistic and scientific understanding to make these stylistic choices possible.

His interests are aligned with the industry and include smoke taint remediation, sulfide production, and phenolic management.

Ryan Avery Follensbee's Curriculum Vitae