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Tammie Vail Shoultz-McCole enjoys the beauty in both the natural and man-made worlds. She is creative to the point that her organizational style could be called "creative chaos." Silence is just as appealing to her as the noise of an active classroom. Shoultz-McCole enjoys 'new and sparkly' while respecting 'old and simple'. Some days she blends-in, while others she stands out. Shooting archery outdoors in the winter is just as fun as sitting by a warm fire knitting. She loves to learn as much as she loves to share her knowledge with others.

To her a balanced world would respect the value of a person more than the value of a dollar. Shoultz-McCole opened a child care facility and enjoyed teaching children between the ages of 2-6 for more than 14 years. In 1999, her childcare facility was chosen by Qualistar to win the quality rating grant. She is proud to say that for three years her facility was awarded the top 4 Star rating for quality. During that time she also attended Mesa State, now CMU, focusing on early childhood education part-time to attain her BA in social sciences and then completed her master in education early childhood. She is a Buell Fellow at Denver University. Recently she completed her second master's in instructional design.