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CMU Tech's Agriculture Science Program provides students with a solid foundation of agricultural knowledge based on principles of stewardship and stockmanship, an expanded outlook on the agricultural industry and practical skills required for a wide variety of fields. With this skill set, students are well prepared to successfully pursue their chosen agricultural career.

Why earn an agriculture degree at CMU Tech?  

  • A quality learning experience in a setting that is unique to Colorado
  • Small class sizes with hands-on instruction
  • Internships with agricultural business are available and encouraged

The AS in agricultural science provides students with the fundamentals and principles of agriculture and related business practices. With this degree, students will be well positioned to transfer into a bachelor degree in agriculture. Graduates are qualified for employment in a variety of positions associated with agriculture, including horticultural and livestock operations, wholesale and retail management, nursery operations, and environmental and agricultural education.

Academic Requirements for Associate of Science in Agriculture Science

The AAS in sustainable agriculture provides the necessary skills to manage a profitable, environmentally-sound farm, ranch or agricultural business. Students learn the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture and focus on crop and animal production. Emphasis in this degree is placed on entrepreneurial and practical field applications. The program includes a cooperative work/internship experience for on-the-job preparation prior to degree completion.

Academic Requirements for Associate of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture

Career Options for Agriculture Science

  • Horticulture operations
  • Sales and management
  • Nursery operations
  • Environmental education
  • Agricultural education
  • Soil scientist
  • Farm manager
  • Plant breeder
  • Livestock operations

College to Career

Brian Adams, sustainable agriculture 2018 graduate, has taken his expertise into the local community.

More about this graduate

On-site compost facility

agriculture_wccc_2021-21.jpgThe Sustainability Council at CMU runs a composting facility on the CMU Tech campus. Students are able to take a composting course to get hands-on experience for that type of facility. The compost generated is available for purchase to the public. If interested, email your request to [email protected].

Program Faculty