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Cozette Wheeler graduated from WCCC Transportation Services program with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Transportation. In 2016 she co-founded Red King Automotive and continues to collaborate with its owner. She also works under her own trade name, Heels on Wheels, serving as the fleet mechanic for a local non-profit.

Cozette returned to CMU Tech in 2018 as staff and currently runs the toolroom and takes care of fleet management for the campus vehicles and POST Academy. During COVID, she took over teaching the Industrial Safety course. Using her own experience in this class as inspiration, she has made it a point to find new ways to get her students to connect with the subject matter.

She is also involved with the CMU Alumni Association as Event Coordinator and Pit Crew Chief for the Association’s 1942 GMC truck, Old Jimmy. You’ll sometimes find her presenting the truck at car shows and other events around town and on campus, where she enjoys sharing the story behind the mobile mascot. 

Outside of work, Cozette enjoys spending time with her family, reading, photography and collecting books from her travels.