Welding Technology

Welding is a skill used in many trades. In this program students become proficient in stick welding (SMAW), TIG welding (GTAW), oxyacetylene cutting/welding (OFC/OWA). MIG (GMAW), and flux-core welding. Students study welding and cutting, robotics, properties of materials, and basic electrical theory. In addition, training includes blueprint reading and fabrication layout.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply business communication using listening, verbal and written forms that are needed for entry level employment in the industry. (Communication Fluency)
  2. Apply Mathematical concepts for the Welding industry to meet entry level employment requirements. (Quantitative Fluency)
  3. Research, evaluate, synthesize and apply information/data relevant to the Welding industry. (Critical Thinking)        
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of terminology, symbols, business practices, principles and application of associated technical skills in the industry. (Specialized Knowledge)
  5. Perform the necessary applied Welding skill sets to fulfill the needs of entry level employment. (Applied Learning)
  6. Demonstrate ethical and civic responsibility necessary for employees the welding industry. (Specialized Knowledge)


Program Strengths

  • Classroom instruction and hands-on lab work prepare students for certification testing with the American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Cross-training in computer-aided drafting, machining, and welding programs to provide a broader understanding and skill base in manufacturing
  • Program meets competency-based standards set by industry

Career Pathways

Career pathway programs prepare students for employment in industries while also providing a stepping stone to an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and beyond. Learn more about career pathways.

Career Pathways Certificate Length of Program
Basic Welder 2 semesters (16 credits)

Gainful Employment

Basic Welding- 48.0508

Welding - 48.0501

Career Options

Industrial welder
Ornamental welder
Welding for the oil & gas industry
Health care
Food service
World-wide manufacturing job opportunities