Construction Technology

With hands-on, lab-based coursework leading to certificates and associate's degrees, the Construction Technology program at Western Colorado Community College offers the most comprehensive construction education available in the region. Areas of emphasis include, refrigeration, electrical and

This program prepares students for career opportunities in construction supervision through activities involving project management, cost estimating, building materials and project scheduling. Students range from construction professionals looking for the occasional class to upgrade their job skills to students wanting to jumpstart their careers. Most classes are scheduled in the evenings, allowing students to further their education without interrupting their work schedule.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the fundamental skill in the oral and written language as required to effectively communicate within the construction industry. (Communication Fluency)   
  2. Demonstrate blueprint reading skills, and the surveying skills necessary to function in profession. (Specialized Knowledge)
  3. Interpret, locate, organize and evaluate problems and tasks that arise in the building industry, solve these through the use of information resource skills necessary to the construction industry. (Critical Thinking)
  4. Describe the scope and application of principle features of the field of study, including core practices in the construction industry. (Specialized Knowledge)
  5. Demonstrate the mastery of OSHA safety standards in the construction industry. Generate a substantially error free product or process for the workforce. (Applied Learning)

Program Strengths

  • Option to transition into a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Business Administration at Colorado Mesa University

  • New equipment and facilities

  • Hands-on, application-based curriculum

Emphasis/Degree Options

»Associate of Applied Science

Construction Technology, Supervision Emphasis Program Sheet



Career Options

Concrete former
Cabinet maker
Purchasing manager
Crew supervisor
Project manager

Gainful Employment

Construction Technology- 46.0000