The Gerontology program is for individuals who wish to develop careers in the field of aging, those already employed or active in gerontology or related fields who wish to enhance their career paths, and those seeking challenging and meaningful career changes in response to new opportunities created by an aging society.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the changing developments across life spans
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical law in aging, current society practices and principals as it relates to ethical law
  3. Define the impact that the elderly have on culture and society
  4. Demonstrate ability to act ethically, compassionately and responsibly toward the elderly in the health care industry

Program Strengths

The Gerontology program is the first on the Western Slope to research and study the aging population and the needs assessed in healthcare industry and ethical law concerns. The healthcare industry of the western slope has advised and helped with the subject area in the program.

Emphasis/Degree Options

»Certificates in Gerontology

Activity Assistant

Behavioral and Cognitive

End of Life Care Support

»Associate of Applied Science in Gerontology

Gerontology Specialist